Grammar for Writing: An Editing Guide to Writing

Advanced | High-Intermediate | Intermediate

grammar for writing an editing guide to writing

Grammar for Writing is a three-level series that provides students with the essential grammar applications they need to become proficient writers. Based on the series Eye on Editing, Grammar for Writing updates the existing two levels and adds a third level for expanded content coverage. The series features authentic writing excerpts and practical tools to facilitate comprehension and application for students enrolled in writing or combined-skills courses.


  • clear, concise grammar explanations and easy-to-read charts that help summarize key learning objectives
  • diagnostic pre-tests and self-check exercises to assess students' understanding of the editing points
  • exercises drawn from student writing that focus on the most frequently occurring grammar errors
  • editing guidelines that help students identify and correct common grammatical mistakes
  • authentic writings model application of grammar points
  • a corpus-informed approach to vocabulary gives the series an academic feel
  • ProofWriter™, an online writing-assessment tool from ETS, which provides students with immediate individualized feedback on grammar, usage, style and mechanics to help them become better self-editors