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Longman WordWise Dictionary


longman wordwise dictionary

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Copyright : 2006

Focus on the essentials!

Did you know?

Longman dictionaries give users the clearest definitions. The Longman defining Vocabulary uses just 2000 common words for all definitions in all our dictionaries. This is fewer words than other dictionary publishers and it means that students will always find Longman definitions clear and easy to understand, because they need to understand fewer words in English to be able to read the definitions.

The Longman WordWise Dictionary focuses on the essential words, phrases, and grammar structures that secondary students need to quickly achieve greater fluency in English.

  • 37,000 words, phrases, and examples needed to understand intermediate-level reading texts, with short definitions and simple examples.
  • Teaches 2,000 important words, showing key collocations and grammatical constructions and highlighting essential meanings
  • Special entries illustrate difficult points and help students avoid common mistakes
  • Sixteen pages of full-colour illustrations